Reliable Trucking and Hauling Services

Barnish Trucking & Disposal offers a variety of trucking and hauling services in the Greater Springfield area and throughout the Northeast. Whether you’re distributing lumber, building materials,wood chips, bark mulch,demoing a building or home, or disposing of compost or rubbish, we can be on the job when you need us.  Our fully insured trucking fleet ranges from hook-lift trucks to tractor trailer trucks, while our trailers include live floor, dump and flatbeds. If you’re looking for trucking, hauling or dumpster rentals, we’re just a phone call or email away.

Barnish Trucking & Disposal offers reliable trucking and hauling services in the greater Springfield area through out New England utilizing the following trailers:

  • Flat Beds (48’)
  • Live Floors (48’)
  • Dump Trailers (26’ & 36’)
  • Hook Lift (10, 15, 20 yd)

Contact us today to get your questions answered, learn pricing information, or to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs:
Office (413) 467-9862 or Cell (413) 537-5760



“Waste Management has found Barnish Trucking to be not only a safe and reliable hauler, but a true business partner who is committed to sharing in our goals as a Construction and Demolition Debris Recycler. As the industry has changed directions over the years, they have remained flexible to accommodate our changing needs and worked cooperatively in adapting to new recycling opportunities.”

Chris Lucarelle, District Manager
Waste Management